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Adult Jazz

Sept. 9th-Oct. 14th

Adult Jazz with Randa! 6-week session! All levels welcome! 8:30-9:30pm on Thursdays! $108+tax!

Adult Jazz

Oct. 6th-Nov. 10th

Adult Jazz with Katie! 6-week session! All levels welcome! 8:30pm-9:30pm on Wednesdays! $108+tax!



Often we'll offer adult class pop-ups with visiting alumni or experts!

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Adult Jazz series

This is a fast-paced class that includes instruction in turns, jumps, flexibility, and choreography. The students do a warm-up working on jazz technique, posture and coordination.  Each teacher has their own unique combination of styles. However, the basic techniques are the same and can be applied to any style of Jazz.


Pricing: 108+tax

Wednesdays 8:30-9:30pm | Oct 6th - Nov 10th!

Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm | Sept 9th - Oct 14th!

What to Wear

Wear form-fitting, secure clothing! If you have any dance shoes, feel free to bring them, but you can also wear bare feet. Please bring an athletic bag to hold your water bottle and outdoors items!

Pop-ups/ mini series

During the year we'll offer pop-ups of different genres!

What do you want to see? Latin? Heels? Cardio?