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Welcome to Aladdin &
the Year-end Showcase!


We acknowledge that we are on the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation's ancestral and unceded territory and are grateful for their hospitality.


Hello SD families! Thank you for being a part of our 2023/2024 season! We’ve had so much fun with all the dancers in and around the studio this year and we can’t believe we have already reached the year-end show! We have seen so much growth and progress, it is nothing short of inspiring. The enthusiasm everyone has brought to the studio to be more involved and show their love for dance makes us very proud. The final curtain tonight merely signals an intermission and not the end. Next season awaits us and we are wishing everyone an amazing summer. Finally, we want to wish our grads love and support in any endeavour they choose! They will always have a home here at Seymour Dance. Here’s to more growth, passion and joy in the season to come!



With love,

Marissa, Katie and Lauren

Notes from the Artistic Director

Thank you so much for joining us to celebrate and enjoy the work of so many amazing dancers taking the stage. This is now the fifth spring ballet production I have taken on, and I am so grateful for all the support in all my crazy ideas and for the strong team helping make this all happen.


As a studio, we have done Aladdin once before in 2010 and I played the role of Rajah! I was excited to bring this show back to life in a new and sparkling way and hope you can sit back and be mesmerized by all the magical details that so many people have worked hard to make happen.


The overall theme of Aladdin is that infinite strength and wealth comes from within, and it is best to be yourself because rich or poor you are a "diamond in the rough". I wish all the dancers best of luck in their performances and hope they recognize the diamond in them.



With Love,


Thank you Sponsors!


Aladdin Ballet Synopsis

Jafar, the royal advisor to the Sultan in the city of Agrabah, seeks a lamp hidden within the Cave of Wonders that only "the diamond in the rough" can retrieve. Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine is unsatisfied with her sheltered life in the palace. Her father, the Sultan of Agrabah is in the search of who will marry the Princess and brings many suitors for an introduction. Not impressed with any of the suitors, Princess Jasmine escapes the palace in search of adventure in the city market. Snake Charmers, Carpet Sellers, Spice Merchants and more amaze Jasmine in this world outside of the Palace gates. Jafar is continuing his mission to find the “Chosen one” with sidekick Iago, Jasmine must stay disguised and hidden to not be seen! Jasmine then encounters a street urchin, Aladdin, and his pet monkey, Abu. As a bond between Aladdin and Jasmine develops, but with Jafar in sight, Jasmin must get back to the palace and hopes to see Aladdin again one day. After meeting the love of his life, Aladdin gets spotted by Jafar and claims he can make Aladdin rich if he simply follows him to the cave of wonders and retrieves the magic lamp for Jafar. After passing through the desert spirits, the magical jewels grant Aladdin entry to the cave of wonders, but warns him to touch only the lamp.


Deep in the cave, Onyx, Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Diamonds present Aladdin with beautiful jewels, but remind him once he places them in the treasure chest they cannot be touched or they will be trapped in the cave forever. Aladdin finds the lamp, but just as he does, Abu grabs a large jewel and triggers a cave-in. Aladdin gives the lamp to Jafar, who throws him and Abu into the cave, although not before Abu steals it back and they meet their new friend the magic carpet! The Carpet and Abu instruct Aladdin to rub the lamp and they meet the Genie who lives inside. The Genie shows him all the magic he is capable of making. Dancers appear and perform and he grants Aladdin three wishes, so Aladdin wishes to be out of the cave! On learning the Genie's desire to be released from servitude, Aladdin promises to use his last wish to free him. To woo Jasmine, Aladdin uses his second wish to become a prince.

Back in Agrabah, Aladdin arrives as Prince Ali but struggles to impress Jasmine with the big gesture of a full-on city parade. After Aladdin’s elaborate arrival to Agrabah, they host a solstice lantern festival, welcoming happiness to the town. Jasmine starts to fall for Prince Ali and the kindness and happiness he has brought to the town. With the Genie’s help, Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride, where they see beautiful dusk, stars and clouds! After she deduces Aladdin as the boy from the marketplace, she tells Aladdin that no one from the palace can find out, so they can be together. Unfortunately, as they land back from their magical ride through the stars, Jafar has realized Aladdin is a fraud, not a Prince, and has the guards capture and throw him in jail. With Jasmine in great distress, she mourns the thought of not being with Aladdin and comes up with a plan to kill Jafar. When Jafar arrives back to the palace, she pours poison in Jafars drink, which kills Jafar, who has been trying to take over the palace for years! The Sultan comes rushing in. He is so thankful Jasmine is okay, and he sets Aladdin free.


With normalcy restored, the Genie encourages Aladdin to use his third wish to regain his royal title and legally marry Jasmine. Aladdin decides to keep his promise, and uses his third wish to set the Genie free. Realizing Aladdin's nobility, the Sultan allows Jasmine to marry whoever she chooses. The Genie helps prepare the perfect wedding, and then bids the group a fond farewell. Aladdin and Jasmine have a beautiful wedding celebration and start their new life together, happily ever after. Excerpts of David Bentleys Aladdin pas de deux and variations are showcased throughout.

Guest Performers

Giovanni Giordano as Aladdin

In the U.S. he has been awarded for an “outstanding performance” at “VIBE USA” in 2017. He has worked with the “Goh Ballet Youth Company” (Vancouver), performing main roles such as Arabian, Spanish and Nutcracker Prince in the production of the “Goh Ballet's The Nutcracker." In 2018 after being awarded at the “Surrey Festival of Dance” (BC) in both categories “Contemporary duet” (1st place) and "Classical Pas De Deux" (1st Place), he performed in the World Premiere of “Cinderella” in Vancouver, choreographed by Maina Gielgud. He has collaborated with local artists in Italy, taking part in summer events like “Meet Matilde Neruda” and “Zorba the Greek” in open-space theatres. In 2019 he also started working with BalletBloch, partnering in performances like the Nutcracker and Swan Lake. In 2022 he performed with Coastal City Ballet for their Cinderella.

Reid Colton as Ruby Lead

Reid began training with Philip Fuller in Los Angeles at the age of 8. He received a scholarship to the Post Secondary Program of Canada’s National Ballet School. Upon graduating from the Post-Secondary Dance Program Reid joined Ballet West in Salt Lake City, and performed ballets such as “Giselle”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and Balanchine’s “Stars and Stripes”. In 2008, Reid joined The Orlando Ballet and danced roles in Fernando Bujones’ “Don Quixote”, “Bolero”, and Robert Hill’s “Le Corsaire”.

Ballet Show B Cast

JASMINE: Eva Stoelting

ALADDIN: Giovanni Giordano

GENIE: Tatiana Elsworth

JAFAR: Kiana Ryan

IAGO: Vivianne Tan

RAJAH: Olivia Hardman

ABU: Ella Lake


Elisa Gibbons and Miaka Ryan



SUITORS: Carla Hoffman, Charlotte Clayton Erin Ball, Kate Milton, Khalissa Bonduau


SNAKE CHARMER & SNAKES: Charlotte Clayton, Alexa Budd, Sadie Purcell



Avery Miraftab, Brigit Hamilton, Kayla Mahoney, Natalie Dalzell, Olivia Graham, Bronte Guiton, Celeste Bottier, Ella Durward, Isla Brace, Izia Kustner, Jada Falandysz, Julia Linsley, Miaka Ryan, Vivianne Tan


POTTERY MAKERS: Anna Klaassen, Ella Durward, Izia Kustner, Isla Brace




CARPET WEAVERS: Kayla Mahoney, Kenley Guiton, Sienna Long, Sonya Melnikoff





Daniella Palacios, Eleanor Woznesensky, Emma Blair, Piper Cooke, Presley Thompson, Saybrie Crouch, Taylor Shrieves

GUARDS: Erin Ball, Lia Schneeweiss



Abigail Bowler, Alexandra Lee, Avery Stegemann, Cali McCall-Werbes, Chloe Goulding, Elaine Huang, Emerson Smiers, Isabella Wilson, Isobel Sarin, Jacqueline Phillips, Kenley Guiton, Kyla Falandysz, Maya Doerksen, Mira Tanada, Nicole Lisitski, Sienna Long, Soiyer Hale, Sonya Melnikoff, Stella Lus


ONYX & PEARLS: Adelina Scurtescu, Charlotte Clayton, Erin Ball, Eva Stoelting, Kate Milton, Khalissa Bonduau, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Tatiana Elsworth


GOLD & SILVER LEADS: Ava Boardman, Bronte Guiton


GRADE 5: Gold & Silver Corps

Courtenay Underwood, Emma Goulding, Luna Elmas, Maddy Geiger, Molly James, Samantha Scott, Sasha Ledger, Sawyer Haibeck, Simone Hunter-Poburko, Anna Nisenson, Emily Booty, Emma Rasmussen, Jerika Mulder, Ruby Townsend, Samia Male Halabe, Sienna Gourmley, Sophia Sahakian, Vanda Roozpaikar


SAPPHIRE LEAD: Adelina Scurtescu



Emma Bujan, Jada Falandysz, Carla Hoffman, Avery Miraftab


RUBY LEADS: Lia Schneeweiss, Reid Colton




DIAMONDS: Anna Klaassen, Ella Durward, Isla Brace, Izia Kustner, Miaka Ryan, Olivia Hardman, Rose Leishman, Sadie Purcell, Vivianne Tan


MAGIC CARPET: Kayla Mahoney


ADVANCED FOUNDATION: GENIE’S DANCERS Abigail Toews, Adelaide Starr, Alexa Budd, Avery Miraftab, Carla Hoffman, Emma Bujan, Isla Brace, Jada Falandysz, Jenna Scott, Natalie Dalzell



Alice Fee, Cayley Barnes, Chloe Kitto, Dylan Tamplin, Isla Bowman, Rosie Burke, Roya Mcrobie, Tamara Palacios


Adara Artus, Annika Furtado, Layla Finestone, Lily Colobong



Afra Akhlaghi, Beatrice Westerholz, Birdie Bentley, Charlotte Lee, Emmy Leslie, Erica Tone, Katie Laren, Rachel Wong, Sasha Mayer, Violet Coats



Adelina Scurtescu, Carla Hoffman, Erin Ball, Kate Milton, Khalissa Bonduau, Lia Schneeweiss, Rose Leishman


CAMEL: Ella Durward, Sadie Purcell





Abigail Bowler, Avery Stegemann, Courtenay Underwood, Elaine Huang, Emerson Smiers, Isabella Wilson, Isobel Sarin, Jerika Mulder, Kyla Falandysz, Molly James, Nicole Lisitski, Olivia Graham, Ruby Townsend, Samantha Scott, Simone Hunter-Poburko, Soiyer Hale, Stella Lus, Tiantian Liu, Alexandra Lee, Brigit Hamilton, Celeste Bottier, Kayla Mahoney, Kenley Guiton, Sawyer Haibeck, Sienna Long, Sonya Melnikoff


BALLET STARS & PREPRIMARY: STARS & CLOUDS Amara Huff, Isla Fisher, Julia Kitto, Lydia Fee, Olivia Ben Hanemaayer, Zoe Blahnik, Aubrey Gaze, Claire Borici, Eve Carpenter, Mia Johnson Rosha Kafi



Anne Lu, Estelle White, Evynn Weston, Hannah Blair, Madison Hannan, Seoyeon Hong



Anna Klaassen, Charlotte Clayton, Erin Ball, Kate Milton, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Olivia Hardman, Rose Leishman, Tatiana Elsworth, Ava Boardman, Bronte Guiton, Ella Durward, Isla Brace, Izia Kustner, Khalissa Bonduau, Sadie Purcell, Tessa Klot, Vivianne Tan


Be sure to pickup your flowers and SD shop items during intermission! We’ll be closed after the show!

Competitive Showcase

1.COMPETITIVE JAZZ LINE: Hung Up - Lauren Overholt

Erin Ball, Ava Boardman, Isla Brace, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Natalie Dalzell, Ella Durward, Jada Falandysz, Elisa Gibbons, Bronte Guiton, Carla Hoffman, Izia Kustner, Ella Lake, Rose Leishman, Kate Milton, Avery Miraftab, Sadie Purcell, Kiana Ryan, Miaka Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Vivianne Tan, Abigail Toews, Courtenay Underwood, Isabella Wilson


2. COMPETITIVE JAZZ 1: Rockin’ Around the Diner - Katie Gillett

Madison Baker, Hannah Blair, Isla Carroll, Piper Cooke, Madeline Fullerton, Madison Hannan, Natalie Harrison, Charlotte Lee, Sasha Mayer, Lola Melnikoff, Tamara Palacios, Madison Reichert, Ella Skinner Stockdale, Presley Thompson, Beatrice Westerholz


3. COMPETITIVE CONTEMPORARY 3: Curiosity - Paige Vassos

Emma Blair, Emma Branco, Mila Crema, Luna Elmas, Ellery Goddard, Emma Goulding, Simone Hunter-Poburko, Sasha Ledger, Daniella Palacios, Paige Phung


4. COMPETITIVE ACRO 3: The Castle - Venice Dang & Jakob Phan

Sawyer Haibeck, Ella Lake, Kate Milton, Sadie Purcell, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss


5. COMPETITIVE JAZZ 4: Bailar - Katie Gillett Abigail Bowler, Maya Doerksen, Chloe Goulding, Julia Linsley, Samia Male halabe, Ariana McCall-Werbes, Anna Nisenson, Jacqueline Phillips, Emma Rasmussen, Isobel Sarin, Avery Stegemann, Mira Tanada


6. COMPETITIVE STAGE 3: The Funny Girl - Lauren Overholt

Erin Ball, Khalissa Bonduau, Isla Brace, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Charlotte Clayton, Natalie Dalzell, Ella Durward, Tatiana Elsworth, Jada Falandysz, Elisa Gibbons, Bronte Guiton, Olivia Hardman, Carla Hoffman, Izia Kustner, Rose Leishman, Kate Milton, Sadie Purcell, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Eva Stoelting


7. COMPETITIVE BALLET 5: Alight - Paige Vassos Kenley Guiton, Sawyer Haibeck, Ella Lake, Sienna Long, Kayla Mahoney, Sonya Melnikoff, Samantha Scott


8. COMPETITIVE LYRICAL 3: What the World Needs - Jenna Williamson

Emma Blair, Emma Branco, Mila Crema, Luna Elmas, Ellery Goddard, Emma Goulding, Simone Hunter-Poburko, Sasha Ledger, Daniella Palacios, Paige Phung


9. COMPETITIVE LYRICAL 6: I Love You - Katie Gillett

Isla Brace, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Natalie Dalzell, Ella Durward, Jada Falandysz, Bronte Guiton, Izia Kustner, Avery Miraftab, Miaka Ryan, Vivianne Tan, Abigail Toews

10. COMPETITIVE HIP HOP 3: The Potion - Astrid Eckerle

Sofia Cordeiro, Lia Dalzell, Kyla Falandysz, Kenley Guiton, Sawyer Haibeck, Soiyer Hale, Tessa Kustner, Ella Lake, Kayla Mahoney, Dominique Martell, Cali McCall-Werbes, Avery McWhinney, Emerson Smiers, Esther Song, Mira Tanada, Malaia Tjorhom, Ruby Townsend, Courtenay Underwood, Isabella Wilson


11. COMPETITIVE JAZZ 7/8: The Jungle - Lauren Overholt

Erin Ball, Ava Boardman, Khalissa Bonduau, Charlotte Clayton, Tatiana Elsworth, Elisa Gibbons, Olivia Hardman, Carla Hoffman, Tessa Klot, Rose Leishman, Kate Milton, Sadie Purcell, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Adelina Scurtescu, Eva Stoelting


12. COMPETITIVE CONTEMPORARY 6: Here & Now - Lauren Overholt

Isla Brace, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Natalie Dalzell, Ella Durward, Jada Falandysz, Izia Kustner, Ella Lake, Avery Miraftab, Miaka Ryan, Abigail Toews


13. COMPETITIVE HIP HOP 2: Bring Em Out - Astrid Eckerle

Jasmine Bryce, Finn Christopher, Maya Doerksen, Luna Elmas, Mya Esplen, Ellery Goddard, Emma Goulding, Simone Hunter-Poburko, Julia Jarvis, Tiantian Liu, Sami (Samantha) McWhinney, Maddison Moore, Alexandra Pautz, Alva Perreten, Sophia Sahakian, Isobel Sarin, Avery Stegemann, Aiya Zeppelin-Wright

14. COMPETITIVE BALLET 6: El Tango - Paige Vassos

Erin Ball, Ava Boardman, Isla Brace, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Charlotte Clayton, Natalie Dalzell, Ella Durward, Tatiana Elsworth, Jada Falandysz, Elisa Gibbons, Bronte Guiton, Olivia Hardman, Anna Klaassen, Izia Kustner, Avery Miraftab, Lia Schneeweiss, Eva Stoelting


15. COMPETITIVE ADULT: The Champions - Katie Gillett

Alice Battista, Claire Blair, Jessica Falandysz, Melissa Haibeck, Rachel Harper, Sylvia Harrison, Andrea Keevil, Christie Mayer, Mariko Michasiw, Kristin Nishimura, Ariyanna Pascuzzi, Michelle Reid, Miki Sugiyama, Katie Youssefi


16. COMPETITIVE LYRICAL SELECT: Falling In - Lauren Overholt

Erin Ball, Ava Boardman, Khalissa Bonduau, Charlotte Clayton, Tatiana Elsworth, Bronte Guiton, Olivia Hardman, Kate Milton, Kiana Ryan, Miaka Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Adelina Scurtescu, Eva Stoelting, Vivianne Tan


17. FACULTY HIGHLIGHT: Timba Boys - Joshua Fernandez & Jakob Phan


18. COMPETITIVE HIP HOP 4: Step On the Gas - Teya Wild & Karlito Cineas

Erin Ball, Khalissa Bonduau, Isla Brace, Emma Bujan, Charlotte Clayton, Ella Durward, Tatiana Elsworth, Jada Falandysz, Elisa Gibbons, Bronte Guiton, Olivia Hardman, Carla Hoffman, Izia Kustner, Rose Leishman, Kate Milton, Sadie Purcell, Miaka Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Jenna Scott, Eva Stoelting, Vivianne Tan


19. FINALE: Power

Featuring our 2024 grads, Seymour Dance dancers and faculty!


As always, this show is in loving memory of our Late Artistic Director, Sonia Ellis

Thank you!

To all our awesome staff & Choreographers!

Katie Gillett, Lauren Overholt, Marissa Heaven, Jessica Heaven, Jenna Williamson, Paige Vassos, Nicola Earl, Venice Dang, Arianna Elsworth, Megan Mitchell, Nicole Narwhal, Tyler Carver, Magnus Futrell-Fruhling, Sam Ball, Sophie Grover, Belinda Sobie, Jakob Phan, Giovanni Giordano, Samantha Ball, Joshua Fernandez, Astrid Eckerle, Teya Wild, Karlito Cineas, Melissa Haibeck

To all our amazing volunteers, partners, and sponsors!

Miki Shoji, Laura Morrison, Susan Gibbons, Millie Schneeweiss, Rhiann Hutchison, Brooklyn Haibeck, Tevyn Pacey, Julie Souza, Cameldance Designs, Charlene Kobitzsch, Vitaly Melnikoff, Claire Blair, Sylvia Harrison, Rhiann Hutchison and all of the many parent volunteers who have helped with all of the rehearsals and performances!


Thank you and have a lovely Summer!


Marissa, Lauren, Katie & The Seymour Dance Team

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