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NVSD Dance Academy

We are excited to be partnered with the North Vancouver School District to offer a Dance Academy for Secondary School students that will provide training in a variety of dance genres as well as other forms of complementary physical activity. The NVSD Dance Academy offers students the ability to pursue their commitment to dance while remaining connected to their local high school and fulfilling academic requirements towards graduation. Students in Grades 8 to 12, male and female, are eligible for enrolment.

Academy instruction will address individual training for balance, flexibility, and strength, as well as endurance, agility, coordination, and spatial awareness. The program will consist of a dance curriculum as set out by Seymour Dance and will meet the BC Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLO) for Physical Health Education. Students will earn grade-equivalent Physical Health Education credits, as well as the opportunity to gain potential eligibility for additional Ministry External Credential credits through the Royal Academy of Dance.


Registration is from January 19th, 2022- February 21st, 2022

To register and for more information, please visit the NVSD website:

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Virtual Orientation

2021-2022 Final Dance!

NVSD Dance Academy History

The North Vancouver School District (NVSD) Dance Academy was founded in 2014 when Miss Sonia Ellis wrote a proposal to the NVSD to be able to collaborate with them in order to provide dancers in the community with an alternative to PHE (Physical Health and Education). The program has been very successful, at one time having seventy-five students enrolled in the program, and provides a chance for students to fall in love with different dance styles at any level of expertise. Seymour Dance is proud to be the sponsor of this program and offer PHE alternatives that encourages students to pursue their passions!  

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