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Welcome to our
Star Academy!


The Star Academy


Everyone can be a STAR at Seymour Dance! The Star Academy is a preschool-aged program. It is designed to fully immerse your child in dance-play and socially interactive environments that develop fundamental physical motor function and social skills that are necessary for school readiness! Whether you're looking for a class with a variety of dance styles (Dance Stars) or a class rooted in tradition (Ballet Stars) you'll find it at our Star Academy!


Your little one will love our unique and fun dance curriculums offered through our Academy that will create a foundational skillset for your dancer! 

At Seymour we see the difference between our 3-4 year olds and our 5-6 year olds and we design classes tailored to your little ones' age group! 

We take pride in working with THE international Preschool dance curriculum currently rocking the industry - Dancely! Created by the Founder of the Dance Studio Owners Association, it features original music, choreography, and lesson plans specializing in early-years development. 

Ballet Stars

Our Ballet Stars class utilizes aspects of the Dancely curriculum along with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) curriculum to root young dancers in the Ballet tradition through dance-play. This is an ideal class for dancers who will be going on to the RAD syllabus as they grow up.

What are the benefits of Ballet Stars?

1. Development of social skills, arts education, and fundamental fitness

2. A regular routine that preps children for school year schedules

3. Socializing for class/group dynamics

4. Ballet-specific performance opportunities (traditional Ballets like the Nutcracker or new Ballets such as Alice in Wonderland!)

5. FUN! 

Star Graduate


What happens after graduating from the Star Academy? Your dancer will transition into regular Seymour Dance programming! We can't wait to get started with your dancer and make them feel like the star they are! 


Seymour Dance prides itself on offering performance opportunities for all our dancers - this includes our little stars! Both our Dance Stars and Ballet Stars participate in our end-of-year Showcase or Spring Ballet in June. However, our Ballet Stars have the option of participating in our Winter Ballet Production - The Nutcracker! Throughout the year there can be other more casual performance opportunities for both our Dance and Ballet Stars! These performance opportunities enrich the experience of all our dancers and allows for mentorship-buddy moments - not to mention the most adorable memories for your family!


Adorable memories!
Alice in Wonderland
Ballet Stars!

Friendships for life!


Building confidence - even if you're going solo!


Performing alongside our senior dancers! So special!


Costumes and roles of their wildest dreams!

Bring a smile to your little!
Dance Stars!

Build confidence in your little one!

Alice in Wonderland

Dancing as part of a team!

Dance Stars!

Teaching resiliency!

 What is RAD Ballet?

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