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Weekly Class Options


Ballet Fitness

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm

All levels are welcome to this well-rounded fitness class. It pulls from PBT and Ballet practices! 


Fitness plus!

Weekday Mornings!

*This program starts September 6th

Check out our fitness classes focused on mobility!


Hip Hop

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm

All levels are welcome! Covers a variety of Hip Hop techniques!


Barre fitness &
FUN-ctional fitness

Seymour Dance is proud to host a variety of morning classes taught by Ariyanna, geared toward mobility and balance rehabilitation, and core conditioning! These classes are geared towards adults who've had an injury or are looking to prevent injury, build community and keep fit! Classes are accessible to ages 50+, however, there is currently no ramp access to our building.  Classes are roughly 60 minutes.

What to Wear?

Wear form-fitting, secure clothing! If you have any dance shoes, feel free to bring them, but you can also wear bare feet. Please bring an athletic bag to hold your water bottle and outdoor items!



Monday Classes   

9:00 am: Barre Fitness


Wednesday Classes     

9:00 am: Ball Fitness

Friday Classes     

Open for Hiking


BARRE FIT.........Classic floor and Barre exercises that will tone you all over. No experience is necessary and you DON'T have to have any dance training. It is a fun class that is inspired by a mix of Pilates and Barre workout.

Items needed: Mat, water bottle, small towel or pillow and hand weights (optional). 

It's a combination of the classic floor and Barre exercises combined with hits of Cardio. This gives the class more of a calorie burner component. Good for all levels of fitness, no experience required.

Items needed:  Mat, water bottle, small pillow or towel and the option your own hand weights, (there will be ones available).


BALANCE & STRENGTH..........This is a Pilates based workout using the Stability Ball and various props. Despite this class being a longtime favorite for many, it still never fails to challenge. It will focus on utilizing the core to help maintain strength, balance and symmetry. Open to all levels. Modifications will allow newbies to participate.

Items needed: Mat, water bottle, small towel or pillow, stability ball (studio balls available) and the option of your own props.


September 19th - October 22nd    


One class a week...............$90.00  a session

Two classes a week........... $160.00 a session

Three classes a week.........$220.00 a session 

Unlimited Fall Pass.............$400.00


Want to drop in or register? Contact:

Functional Fitness
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