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Welcome to Show A!

We acknowledge we are on the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation's ancestral and unceded territory and we are grateful for their hospitality.

Have Courage & Be Kind is this year's theme!

Welcome to the 2022 Seymour Dance Year-End Showcase! We are thrilled to be welcoming you back to the theatre after three years away! We have had such an amazing season with our SD community! We started the year with our Welcome Back BBQ, pulled off 6 amazing shows of our Nutcracker Ballet, hosted our In-House competition, competed at 6 local competitions, renovated the studio and so much more! Aside from these exciting projects and events, what really made us the happiest was seeing each and every one of our dancers doing what they love in the studio for a full year. We would like to thank our staff, volunteers, vendors, students and most importantly all of you sitting in the audience today for all of the love and support you’ve shown us this year.


Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!!


All the best,


Marissa, Katie and Lauren

We all know it takes courage to be kind, and this year's theme aims to explore what courage really looks like in our everyday lives.



Cinderella is the story of a young girl who, through many hardships, held onto her dreams of finding freedom and happiness, while earnestly caring for her step-mother and step-sisters despite their poor treatment of her. Some of the most beautiful moments of this story are in her courage to step into a space she was told she was beneath - she believed in herself and she didn't let her bullies keep her from pursuing her dreams of a better life. In this way, Cinderella became the hero of her own story, using both courage and kindness to make her own dreams come true.



We are so excited to share our wonderful dancers and their dances with you - for many it will be the first time they're performing on such a big stage - this takes courage! Many dances follow themes of friendship, and the process of becoming your own hero through focus, hard work, and believing in yourself and others! At Seymour Dance we encourage a community environment where dancers care for one another, and support each other to be the best people and dancers they can be. We hope you enjoy this wonderful message and our amazing dancers and we encourage hearty applause!

Cinderella Show A Synopsis & artistic director notes

On a beautiful spring day, young Cinderella is playing outside with her mother and father. Her mother suddenly becomes ill, and in a horrible turn of events, passes away. Little does Cinderella know, that her mother will soon return as her Fairy Godmother. Her mother’s funeral is met with another troubling fear: her father has taken solace in her soon-to-be stepmother, who comes with two evil daughters. Cinderella weeps over her mother’s grave and a magical tree sprouts from her tears. Cinderella continues to visit the grave year after year as she grows into a beautiful young woman. Cinderella spends her days serving her stepmother and stepsisters, who show no kindness or empathy. As they torment her, Cinderella dreams of a world filled with dance, love, and happiness.

In the Palace, King Albert teaches his grown son the political connections that are gained by marrying a titled princess. Queen Charlotte writes invitations to an upcoming ball, where the Prince will meet prospective suitors. King Albert sends the Prince away to deliver the invitations personally. The Prince arrives at Cinderella’s house to deliver everyone an invitation, even Cinderella. Once the Prince has left, Cinderella’s stepmother puts Cinderella to work to make sure her daughters will look amazing at the ball! The stepmother notices Cinderella’s invitation and rips it to shreds to ensure she won’t be attending. Devastated, Cinderella dreams of the amazing time she would have dancing at the ball. When needed most, the Fairy Godmother appears through a cloud of smoke. She enlists her trusty team of mice and birds to help build the perfect dress for Cinderella! As the family prepares to head to the ball, the step-sisters are disgusted that Cinderella would think she could come along, and they rip her beautiful dress to pieces. The family heads to the ball without her. The Fairy Godmother reappears, taking Cinderella to the magical tree grown from her mother’s grave. Spirits of each season give her Strength, Forgiveness, Courage, and Kindness. This teaches Cinderella all that she will need for the ball. The magical stars send her on her way to the ball. She is warned to keep an eye on the time, as at the stroke of midnight, all of the magic will fade away.

The ball is underway when Cinderella’s family arrives. The King and Queen greet their guests with a formal dance. Cinderella’s stepsisters, along with princesses from around the world, try to woo the Prince, but he is uninterested in any of the eligible ladies. A magical atmosphere fills the ballroom as a mysterious masked girl arrives. The Prince is immediately drawn to her. The couple waltz the night away together, but when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella’s magic wears off and she runs away. In the chaos caused by her sudden departure, she leaves behind one shoe. The Prince vows that he will find this mysterious masked girl, and will marry her. The next morning, the Prince searches for Cinderella, trying the shoe on every woman he can find across the kingdom. When the shoe does not fit either of the stepsisters, Cinderella comes forward with the matching shoe: Prince Guillaume has found his princess. Cinderella and the Prince get married and live happily ever after.


Here we are! I never thought I would see the day where we would actually get to bring this ballet to the stage. I could not be more excited! I dreamed up the plans for Cinderella back in 2019, but as we know the world had other plans for us… Thank you to everyone who has helped bring my vision to life, none of this would be possible without all of you. Cinderella is a classic at Seymour and has been staged twice, so I thought it was only fitting to take my stab at it! I hope you feel the magic we tried to create and as Cinderella would say, “Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.” I truly hope you enjoy these beautiful dancers and the magic they are about to create for you! I hope you all have a restful and amazing summer.


With Love,


Cinderella Show A cast list

Cinderella: Tatiana Elsworth

Prince: Tyler Carver

Cinderella's Father: Sumner Dang

Cinderella's Mother & Fairy God Mother: Ruby Gallagher

Young Cinderella: Sonya Melninkoff

Funeral Corps: Alexa Budd, Anna Klaassen, Avery Miraftab, Bronte Guiton, Adelina Scurtescu, Camelia Sohrabzadeh, Carla Hoffman, Clarissa Kazakoff, Elisa Gibbons, Ella Durward, Emma Bujan, Erin Ball, Grace Leishman, Isla Brace, Izia Kustner, Izzy Hill, Sophie Frodis, Jada Falandysz, Julie Souza, Kate Milton, Eva Stoelting, Kiana Ryan, Kiana Amini, Lauren Daoust, Lia Schneeweiss, Miaka Ryan, Olivia Hardman, Rose Leishman, Ainsley Morrow, Vivianne Tan

Evil Stepmother: Jacintha Dykes

Evil Stepsisters: Brooklyn Haibeck & Khalissa Bonduau

King: Jakob Phan

Queen: Erin Ball


Fashion Designer: Lauren Daoust


Gus Gus: Sawyer Haibeck

Jaq: Jack Priest

Bluebirds (Primary): Alexa Revell, Giovanna Viana, Mia Liu, Paityn Irvine-Naylor, Violet Coats

Mice (Preprimary): Aveline Michasiw, Chloe Ho, Dylan Tamplin, Emma Neal, Estelle White, Grace Gacek, Isabella Neal, Mika Alexander, Sadie Dale, Elise Mathieson

Spirit of Spring: Kiana Ryan

Spring Corps (Grade 6): Abigail Toews, Avery Miraftab, Bridgit Hamilton, Carla Hoffman, Celeste Bottier, Ella Durward, Isabella Castillo, Isla Brace, Izia Kustner, Jada Falandysz, Julia Linsley, Kayla Mahoney, Maxine Landry, Natalie Dalzell, Olivia Graham, Soiyer Hale, Vivianne Tan, Olivia Hardman, Grace Leishman


Spirit of Summer: Bronte Guiton

Summer Corps (Grade 3 & 8) : Emma Goulding, Luna Elmas, Sasha Ledger, Sawyer Haibeck, Sienna Gormley, Sophia Machado, Willow Brode, Lauren Daoust, Kiana Ryan, Erin Ball, Elisa Gibbons

Spirit of Fall (Grade 7): Anna Klaassen


Fall Corps: Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Eva Stoelting, Kate Milton, Lia Schneeweiss, Olivia Hardman, Rose Leishman


Spirit of Winter: Miaka Ryan


Winter Corps (Intermediate Foundation): Avery Miraftab, Carla Hoffman, Ella Lake, Jack Priest, Kenley Guiton, Megan Chowne, Natalie Dalzell, Olivia Graham, Sawyer Haibeck


Shooting Star: Isla Brace


Stars (Grade 5): Elaine Huang, Ella Lake, Emerson Smiers, Isabella Wilson, Isobel Sarin, Jack Priest, Kenley Guiton, Kyla Falandysz, Maggie Thompson, Nicole Lisitski, Sienna Long, Sonya Melnikoff


Starlettes (Ballet Stars): Alex Morrissy, Alexandra Coleman, Arabella Vasilescu, Charlie Dent, Gabby Veach, Naomi Sanchez, Paige Manky, Ryen Kinnoch, Sloane Wark, Tamara Palacios


Horses: Emma Bujan, Jada Falandysz, Alexa Budd, Ella Durward


Ball Guests (Advanced Foundation & Adv. 1/2): Adelina Scurtescu, Sam Carter, Ainsley Morrow, Austin Gardner, Clarissa Kazakoff, Adam Murray, Eva Stoelting, Jack Hargraives, Kiana Amini, Callum Sandor, Lia Schneeweiss, Sumner Dang, Ruby Gallagher, Rouan Fultonn, Sophie Frodis, Jacky Jung, Camelia Sohrabzadeh, Rossa Colbert, Kate Milton, Hayden Gibbons, Anna Klaassen, Elisa Gibbons, Grace Leishman, Julie Souza, Kiana Ryan, Leyre Phillipe De Azaola, Rose Leishman, Olivia Hardman


Ball Guests (Grade 2): Evita Zeppelin, Isla O'Mahony, Jasmine Bryce, Johana Dong, Maleah Jauernig-Vogt, Mila Westfall, Neve Conyon


Western Princess: Lauren Daoust


Eastern Princess: Izia Kustner


Northern Princess: Elisa Gibbons


Southern Princess: Izzy Hill

Servers: Kayla Mahony, Soiyer Hale, Ella Lake

Trumpeters: Sienna Long, Isabella Wilson


Midnight (Advanced Pointe): Ainsley Morrow, Anna Klaassen, Bronte Guiton, Adelina Scurtescu, Grace Leishman, Sophie Frodis, Kate Milton, Kiana Amini, Eva Stoelting, Kiana Amini, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Miaka Ryan, Olivia Hardman, Rose Leishman, Ruby Gallagher, Vivianne Tan

Flower Girls (Grade 1): Ava Behaein, Heather Sun, Mackenzie Johnson, Mila-Angela Afonso, Nahla McArdle, Rosemary Dexter, Sunni Dales


Wedding Guests (Intermediate): Bronte Guiton, Camelia Sohrabzadeh, Clarissa Kazakoff, Elisa Gibbons, Ella Durward, Isla Brace, Izia Kustner, Lauren Daoust, Manon Grosmesnil Cachard, Miaka Ryan, Vivianne Tan, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Colline Aubron-Albert

Showcase Show A program

SDC Contemporary Select: New Sky

Kiana Amini, Erin Ball, Khalissa Bonduau, Lauren Daoust, Ella Durward, Jacintha Dykes, Tatiana Elsworth, Jada Falandysz, Elisa Gibbons, Bronte Guiton, Brooklyn Haibeck, Olivia Hardman, Isabella Hill, Carla Hoffman, Clarissa Kazakoff, Izia Kustner, Rose Leishman, Kate Milton, Ainsley Morrow, Kiana Ryan, Miaka Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss, Adelina Scurtescu, Camelia Sohrabzadeh, Eva Stoelting, Vivianne Tan


SDC Pre-Competitive Ballet: Dalmatians!

Emma Blair, Hannah Blair, Emma Branco, Madeline Fullerton, Madison Hannan, Natalie Harrison, Imaan Hirji, Charlotte Lee, Anne Lu, Sasha Mayer, Lola Melnikoff, Ella Skinner Stockdale, Presley Thompson, Ariana Vieira, Evynn Weston


Acro 2: Waiting on a Miracle

Chloe Bailey, Kylie Quinn Bailey, Birdie Bentley, Mila Crema, Mereille Fraser, Chloe Goulding, Emma Goulding, Ryan Harrower, Aiyanna Miorin, Evren Quarless


SDC Breaking Crew: North Van Breakers

Sumner Dang, Taane Gibbons, Tessa Kustner, Arlo McIntosh, Silas McIntosh, Avery McWhinney, Makai Roka, Max Szeto, Zachary Veitch


SDC Jazz 2: Candyman

Kyla Falandysz, Olivia Graham, Kenley Guiton, Soiyer Hale, Ella Lake, Sienna Long, Kayla Mahoney, Emerson Smiers, Courtenay Underwood, Isabella Wilson


Broadway Bound: We're All in this Together

Willow Brode, Isla Carroll, Piper Cooke, Mila Crema, Mereille Fraser, Madison Johnson, Mila Jones, Sophie Montalbano, Evren Quarless, Vanda Roozpaikar, Georgia Sanderson, Evelyn Song, Maelle Tamplin, Chanel Thomas


Tap Beginner: Best of my Love

Amitis Khatoonabadi, Taylor Shrieves


Jazz 6/8: Born to Be

Quinn Fulton, Stella Furst, Vivian King, Elsie Knive, Sydney Lau, Charlotte Lee, Everett Pablico, Jenny Pettit, Alexandra Schisler, Rui-Chih Tan, Paige Troke, Eleanor Woznesensky


Acro 1 Thursday: Hallucinate

Briac Bottier, Katie Freeman, Lily Kuzik, Holly London, Nikki Mobarghei, Sebastian Montalbano,

Sophie Montalbano, Jerika Mulder, Olivia Reynolds-Devisser, Aria Sarin, Evita Zeppelin


SDC Acro 1: Down

Sawyer Haibeck, Ella Lake, Kate Milton, Kiana Ryan, Lia Schneeweiss

Dance Stars: Zero to Hero

Mila Parsons, Margot Hall, Willa Best, Harper Newsome, Liana Siefian, Neila Siefian, Liana Zavari, Sasha Aubron-Albert


Acro 1 Saturday: I'm Brave

Eliza Hollingworth, Charlotte Lee, Mia Liu, Samantha Makortoff, Lorie Sanford, Aria Song, Eleanor Startup, Rui-Chih Tan, Presley Thompson, Emma Timmis, Giovanna Viana, Eleanor Woznesensky


Breaking Beginner/Intermediate: Breaking Battle

Juliette Bottier, Sumner Dang, Taane Gibbons, Nico Gomez, Tessa Kustner, Arlo McIntosh, Silas McIntosh, Avery McWhinney, Sami (Samantha) McWhinney, Aiyanna Miorin, Sebastian Montalbano, Samuel Nisenson, Makai Roka, Max Szeto, Zachary Veitch


SDC Jazz 3: Come this Far

Isla Brace, Alexa Budd, Emma Bujan, Isabella Castillo, Natalie Dalzell, Ella

Durward, Jada Falandysz, Bronte Guiton, Izia Kustner, Maxine Landry, Avery Miraftab, Miaka Ryan, Vivianne Tan, Abigail Toews


Lyrical 6/9: Thank You for Being a Friend

Madison Baker, Emma Bowler, Saybrie Crouch, Sunni Dales, Vida Graham, Mackenzie Johnson, Charlotte Lee, Meilin Li, Juli Nagashima, Everett Pablico, Paige Phung, Ali Reyes, Beatrice Westerholz, Estelle White, Luca Wood


SDC Lyrical 6: You Matter

Kiana Amini, Lauren Daoust, Jacintha Dykes, Sophie Frodis, Ruby Gallagher, Manon Grosmesnil Cachard, Isabella Hill, Clarissa Kazakoff, Ainsley Morrow, Camelia Sohrabzadeh


Jazz 9/10: Wings

Luna Elmas, Sasha Ledger, Aiyanna Miorin, Jerika Mulder, Willa Smith


Hip Hop 6/8: Good Vibes

Ryder Bzowy, Violet Coats, Novy Huston, Mila Jones, Peregrine Neary, Everett Pablico, Madison Reichert, Vanessa Neufield



All dancers!


As always, this show is in loving memory of our Late Artistic Director, Sonia Ellis

Thank you!

To all our awesome staff & Choreographers!

Katie Gillett, Marissa Heaven, Melissa Haibeck, Lauren Overholt, Jessica Heaven, Jenna Williamson, Paige Vassos, Nicola Earl, Belinda Sobie, Venice Dang, Arianna Elsworth, Nicole Narwal, Ken Yung, Tyler Carver, Magnus Futrell-Fruhling, Randa Barett, Sam Ball, Sophie Grover, Gaia Margiocco, Megan Mitchell, Teya Wild

To all our amazing volunteers, partners, and sponsors!

Miki Shoji, Laura Morrison, Kiana & Miaka Ryan, Millie & Lia Schneeweiss,Rhiann Hutchison, Damon Stoelting, Alan Chow, Tevyn Pacey, Grant McDonald, Cameldance Designs Team, A Moveable Feast Catering

All of the many parent volunteers who have helped with all versions of rehearsals and performances to make this.......


Thank you and have a lovely Summer!


Marissa, Lauren, Katie & The Seymour Dance Team

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