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Welcome to Show C!

We acknowledge that we are on the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation's ancestral and unceded territory and are grateful for their hospitality.


This year's theme is "Love conquers all" and it embodies the core of our community values here at Seymour Dance. It's a testament to the hours both families and faculty have put in and to the larger picture of our Dance School.

-Marissa, Katie and Lauren


Sleeping Beauty

For this year's Ballet production, we are excited to present to you, Sleeping Beauty! The first half of our show features our entire RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet program with guest performers Tyler Carver (Royal Winnipeg Ballet) and Giovanni Giordano (Goh Ballet). Excerpts of Marius Petipa's Sleeping Beauty fairy and Aurora variations are showcased throughout.



In the second half of the of the show we present to you an amazing celebration of dance from our Recreational and Competitive programs! Our dancers have been working hard the whole season and they are so excited to perform for you! We are so proud of all our dancers and everything they have accomplished and learned this year. We hope you enjoy and help us in celebrating these amazing dancers!

Artistic Notes

First and foremost I would like to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone for being here this evening. After many months of rehearsing and preparing for tonights show, I could not be more excited to share with you the hard work everyone has put into this production and show case.


When it came time to deciding this years production, I knew Sleeping Beauty was a story I wanted to re-create and share with you all. Having last performed this show in 2017, it was time to bring this beautiful performance back to the stage. This ballet offers a variety of beautiful dancing and story telling throughout, from Princess Aurora performing her challenging Rose Adagio to Maleficent and Lilac Fairy showcasing the contrast of evil and good. There is something for everyone in this performance and I hope you enjoy the journey!


“They say if you dream a dream more than once, it is sure to come true”. Sharing this production with you all is truly a dream come true, thank you and enjoy the show!


With Love,


Thank you Sponsors!


Sleeping Beauty Synopsis 

In a faraway land long ago, a king and his fair queen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. They named their daughter Aurora, for she filled their lives with light like the dawn. Visitors from throughout the kingdom came to celebrate the birth of the princess. The great gift fairies then arrived, each with a gift for Aurora. The Lilac Fairy, godmother to the Princess Aurora, entered, surrounded by her retinue of fairies and their pages. The pages beared gifts to accompany the qualities of beauty, wit, generosity, liveliness and intelligence that the fairies bestowed on the young princess. Suddenly a horrible noise was heard throughout the kingdom and the Evil fairy Maleficent appeared in a flash of green fire with her ravens behind her. Maleficent too wanted to bestow a gift. The good fairies begged Maleficent not to harm their beloved godchild, but she proceeded to place an evil curse upon the baby. She would allow Aurora grow up to be the most beautiful and enchanting of princesses; however, by her sixteenth birthday, she would prick her finger with a spindle and die.


The King and Queen were horrified. Maleficent roared with laughter, revelling in her cruelty, but to her dismay, the Lilac Fairy stepped forward and softened her curse. Aurora will indeed prick her finger on a spindle, the Lilac Fairy said but she will not die—instead, she will fall into a deep sleep. After a hundred years, a handsome prince shall come to find her and awaken her with True Love’s first kiss. The enraged Maleficent then left in her chariot, and the good fairies surrounded the cradle, guarding their goddaughter from further harm. The King and queen were relieved that the curse had been diminished but were still very concerned about their daughter's safety. He issued an edict to ban all spindles from the kingdom and with heavy hearts, they agreed that the fairies, disguised as peasant women, would raise the child in secret far away from the castle.

Over the years, Aurora grew into a beautiful woman who made friends with all the forest animals. The fairies raised her well and surrounded her with love until it was time for her to return to the castle on her 16th birthday. There she would choose a prince to hopefully break the curse.

Aurora finally returned to the castle for her 16th birthday, accompanied by her maids of honour. She was introduced to the suitors, who were struck by her beauty. Aurora danced with them, and the King and Queen tried to persuade her to choose one as her fiancé.

During the party, Aurora noticed an old woman that presented her with a beautiful glowing spindle. She took the spindle from the woman and began to dance with it but her dance ends abruptly when the spindle pricks her finger. Aurora rushes about in fear, then collapses unconscious. The King and Queen dash to her side. The old woman threw off her cloak and revealed herself to be Maleficent. She roared triumphantly that her curse had succeeded. Alas, the Lilac Fairy appeared to remind the King and Queen that their daughter is not dead but asleep, and that she is destined to sleep for one hundred years or until love's first kiss. The Lilac Fairy then cast a spell of sleep over the castle and all inside. When the princess awakens, they would awaken with her, but until then an impenetrable forest would shield them.


The Prince went out for a walk in the woods when he ran into the Lilac Fairy, who was also the Prince’s godmother. The fairy asked the Prince whether he loved any of the noble women in his court. Sadly, he said he did not. The fairy then tells him of the beautiful and enchanting Aurora. She waved her staff and told him the princess Aurora was asleep in the castle. She waved her staff again, and Aurora appeared as a vision. The Prince was overwhelmed and entranced. He pursued Aurora, but each time she evaded him. He wished to embrace her, but she slipped away and finally disappeared. Madly in love with the vision of Aurora, the prince asked the Lilac Fairy to take him to the castle, and they set off immediately.


The Prince battled Maleficent who tried to stop him from reaching the castle, but after a long battle, he defeated her. He and the Lilac Fairy entered the castle. Finally, the Prince saw the sleeping Aurora. He rushed to her and kissed her. Maleficent’s spell was broken. Princess Aurora awakened, and with her, the rest of the court. The Prince asked Princess Aurora to Marry him and Aurora agreed most happily.


The court assembled for the wedding of Princess Aurora and the Prince. The invited guests included many fairy tale characters— Puss-in-Boots, Red-Riding-Hood, Cinderella, Princess Florine and the Bluebird, among others— who presented their stories as gifts to the royal couple. After all the guests paid their respects to the bride and bridegroom, Aurora and the Prince danced a grand pas de deux. The whole assembly joined in a dance in their honour, and the kingdom lived happily ever after!

Sleeping Beauty Show B
cast list


Thank you!

To all our awesome staff & Choreographers!

Katie Gillett, Marissa Heaven, Melissa Haibeck, Lauren Overholt, Jessica Heaven, Jenna Williamson, Paige Vassos, Nicola Earl, Melissa Haibeck, Venice Dang, Arianna Elsworth, Nicole Narwhal, Ken Yung, Tyler Carver, Magnus Futrell-Fruhling, Randa Barett, Sam Ball, Sophie Grover, Jakob Phan

To all our amazing volunteers, partners, and sponsors!

Miki Shoji, Laura Morrison, Susan Gibbons, Millie Schneeweiss, Rhiann Hutchison, Damon Stoelting, Tevyn Pacey, Grant McDonald, Cameldance Designs Team, and Deep Cove Stage Society and

all of the many parent volunteers who have helped with all of the rehearsals and performances!


Thank you and have a lovely Summer!


Marissa, Lauren, Katie & The Seymour Dance Team

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